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Mitoyo-seiko co., ltd is based in Hachioji and Gunma prefecture in Japan. In addition, we have teamed up with companies which provide communication, digital, and automobile parts mainly located in China, Shenzhen city and Shanghai city which is a developing country in the field of high technology and manufacturing industry. In Hong Kong as international commercial city, we have trading company and cooperate with factory in China to reduce production cost and establish a system that contributes to environmental considerations..

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You can request and order all machining process such as pressing, machining, heading, forging, spring, NC forming, resin molding, welding, swaging, surface treatment and assembly.
In addition, we can provide all in-one service from trail manufacturing to mass production such as machining, laser etching, casting, resin molding and sheet metal processing. We would inspect if there are any problems for mass production during trial manufacturing period.

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Mitoyo-Seiko is certified for quality control (ISO 9001) and environmental protection (ISO 14001).While striving to improve customer satisfaction, we are committed to environmental responsibility.While providing high quality products and services, we are also developing environmentally friendly activities to contribute to a sustainable future.