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Purchasing basic policy

Purchasing basic policy

1,Purchasing basic policy

a. Openly & equally trade

We conduct business with all business partners freely, equally, and clearly.

b. Compliance and consideration for environment

We observe the laws, ordinances, social norm, rules in the company and conduct purchasing in consideration for safety and the global environment.

c. Partnership with the business partners

We establish business relationship to prosper with business partners as good partners which are aiming to product better products in long term viewpoint.
Therefore we continue to communicate with business partners and make an effort to build stronger relationship of mutual trust.

d. Proper management such as confidential information, and intellectual property of business partners

We properly manage and protect confidential information, intellectual property of business partners in our purchasing activity.

2, Selection standard of business partners

The basic policies for selection of business partners are as follows.
a. To secure soundness in management and stable supply, and being able to move quickly.
b. Level of materials, quality of service, price, delivery, technical service should be reasonable.

3, Request to business partners

Mitoyo-seiko sincerely fulfill CSR(corporate social responsibility) procurement activity based on company philosophy and employee action guideline. We need understanding and cooperation with business partners, and then we can push forward our CSR procurement activity.

Among actions of Mitoyo-seiko, the matters that are closely related to business partners are as follows.

a. To observe the laws and ordinances, and provide high quality product, service in consideration for equally trade, security, and environment.
b. To manage information and intellectual property properly.
c. To work on environmental conservation and security and disaster prevention.
d. To secure safe and healthy workplace environment.
e. To remove antisocial power.

Seeking new business partners

Seeking new business partners

We have been seeking business partners which have excellent technology and can offer with competitive price regardless of inside and outside the country. Please inform us if you are excellent supplier which is in accord with the above-mentioned "Selection standard of business partners". Send email to the following address. After considering in our purchasing department, the person in charge would contact you.

Line of business which we are seeking new business partners are as follows.

  1. Metal press
  2. Plastic processing
  3. Die-casting
  4. Casting
  5. Welding
  6. Machining
  7. Rubber processing
  8. Powder metallurgy
  9. Precision sheet metal processing
  10. Surface-treatment

Ombudsman procurement system

  1. Our purchasing basic policy is freely, equally, clearly and sincere response.
  2. This is the action standard that all employees including purchasing department and management department which contacts with business partners directly must follow.
  3. We conduct along this standard strictly, but if you think that this basic policy is not kept by someone, inform our purchasing department manager (= purchasing ombudsman) as follows.
  4. We absolutely keep secret, and the person in charge would be settled the problem. In addition, you would not subject to unfair treatment by this notification.

Flow for this step

  1. Please inform us concretely when, where, who, what kind of problem as much as possible.
  2. Please contact us with sealed letter (Personal) about this notification as follows.
  3. Contact information
    Mitoyo-seiko co.,ltd  purchasing ombudsman (purchasing department manager)
    Mr.Manabu Barada
    〒192-0045 2-21-8, Owadamachi, Hachioji-city, Tokyo