Our company has both trading company function and factory function and we have been developing business. 

As a trading function, we are supplying parts to customers in various fields such as automobile parts, industrial equipment parts, peripheral equipment for computer, office automation equipment parts. The feature is outsourcing the production of parts to a company that is suitable for the manufacturing method from about 300 cooperating companies, and perform thorough quality control at our company, supplying parts to our customers with reassurance and reliability. We have been manufacturing based on Japan and include such as manufacturing bases in China and other Asian countries, and supply it to countries all over the world. 

As a factory function, we mainly supply products as a compressor manufacturer, but we also process parts as a cutting factory. Also, here,

we utilize the trading company function to process the parts made by the cooperating companies

in our factory and make them into finished parts. 

Over the 60 years of history since its foundation, our conventional form was a manufactured in Japan and supplied domestically but we have grown to import and sell overseas manufactured goods and supply abroad manufactured goods overseas.

We always try and accommodate customer's request. We will continue to grow as a company that can meet the diverse needs of customers in the future.

Representative director:Masaru Taira