Inspection facilities / Image measuring instrument
[Mitutoyo QUICK SCOPE]
検査設備/3次元測定器[東京精密 XYZAX]

Inspection facilities / Three dimensional measuring instrument
[Mitutoyo CRYSTA Apex]

Quality control

We think as our quality control subject is the most important to earn the customer's trust for our product.
We consider that inspection and confirmation which are based on the quality control system using the advanced facilities are our strong point.

Quality policy

We provide as our management philosophy is to provide reliable quality "providing the product and meeting with customer satisfaction". The products of Mitoyo-seiko are used in wide range of field such as automobile, office automation, electronic equipment, and medical. Requirement for quality and reliability is getting increased with expansion of the applied field. We have been working on quality improvement activities positively to meet the customers request. In addition, we have perfect inspection system not only in our company but also suppliers.

Quality assurance initiatives

Before mass production

We present various information that cultivated with variety of products and prevent the quality problem.

Before shipping

We make up detail quality control plan in order to commit high quality and follow deliver schedule required. 

After shipping

We hear the customer’s voice and continue to improve current situation and making an effort to be better for customer's trust.

Incoming Inspection on a part unit

Inspecting by our expert engineers with variety of advanced measuring instruments. 


Quality / ISO9001

ISO9001 is a international standard related to Quality Management System.

This system makes improvement structures of  offered products and quality of service continuously.

The conclusive goal of ISO9001 is costumer satisfaction’s improvement.


Based on harmony of person and technology, we provide the products and service with customer satisfaction.

Quality policy

  1. We aim make customers happy, and then consider sales and profit.
  2. Quality is superior to all the other matters.
  3. Compliance with laws.
環境 /ISO 14001

Environment / ISO14001

ISO14001 is a international standard related to Environmental Management System.

Not only this system shows organization‘s frameworks for changing environmental condition, but also keeps social needs balance and protects the environment .

The  conclusive goal is the environmental performance’s improvement, meeting compliance abligations and achievement of environmental purpose.


We save the resources on the earth and effort to maintain environment and aim at the earth friendly company.

Quality policy

  1. We continuously improve and announce the environmental management system and effort to enhance awareness for environment.
  2. We maintain the organization and operation system of environmental management, and find out who is responsible, and always effort to maintain the latest environmental model.
  3. We observe regulatory requirements and other requirements on our activities, and effort to prevent the pollution.
  4. 1.In order to reduce environmental load in operation, we establish environmental purpose and target, and work on continuous improvement.